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Doesn’t she have the most beautiful eyes?
Gem is quiet, friendly, and available.


She’s nine years old, but has no problem jumping to the highest perch where she can supervise the dogs coming and going in the PAWS yard.

Adotion News!


Remember cute Ooshi Ooshi, ten year old tail chasing Justin, and the amazing leaping Igor? They’ve all been adopted in the last few weeks.


Shelter Cats


eErnieTugIf I had to choose the most friendly, loving cats at the shelter, Tug and Archie would be near the top of my list. That’s Archie wearing his signature toupee, and Tug below.

Tug is what’s called an “odd eyed cat” which is an odd way of saying this beautiful boy’s got one green eye and one blue. There are close ups HERE.

eTugErnieArchie and Tug are available at PAWS. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were adopted together?

Shelter Cats

Magnificent Moe

Big Moe enjoys other cats, brushing sessions, the company of people, and life in general. He’s a well adjusted 6 year old guy.
All right Moe, that’s enough photography. Nap time!
Moe is waiting for a new home at PAWS.

Shelter Cats

Odd-Eyed Tug

Here’s Tug, a very special two year old cat. According to Wikipedia, if Tug lived in Turkey, he’d be a national treasure, because “the eyes must be as green as the lake and as blue as the sky.”
He’s at PAWS for now, but his sweet personality will make him someone’s treasure soon.

Shelter Cats

Blue Eyed Tai

Seven year old Tai has been at the shelter since last March. She’s a lovely cat, ready for a new home.
Tai looks like the cat in the Fancy Feast advertisements. But no crystal food dish is needed! Just a loving heart and gentle hand.

This is my last blog post for 2012. Thank you for visiting Shelter-Cats and Happy New Year!

Shelter Cats

Hanging Out

I made a second hammock this week and brought it to PAWS wondering where to put it. I looked for a wide cage inhabited by two cats. When I installed it in Pan and Persephone’s cage, Persephone immediately jumped up and made herself comfortable.

But, she made it pretty clear to brother Pan that it was all hers. Kosmo and Kramer are quite often found snuggled up together in their hammock. At least it gives the caged cats a little more room.

Kosmo and Kramer

Either of these cat pairs would make a wonderful instant family. They’re all healthy and sweet tempered. You can see how beautiful they are!

Shelter Cats

Persephone and Pan

Introducing two new cats at PAWS. This long haired beauty is energetic, outgoing Persephone.

Her brother Pan is shy and still adjusting to shelter life.

Shelter Cats


Quiet and shy Pauline with her roommates today.

That’s playful Mac in the foreground- a sweet young male. Gem is the white cat, Pauline is on top of the perch, and Daphne is in the tube.
Cat Room #4 at PAWS is fun to visit.

UPDATE: Pretty Pauline has been adopted!

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