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Shelter Cats


At PAWS we have a special good luck Odd Eyed cat!
His name is Luke.

Not only does Luke have amazing eyes, he also has big polydactyl paws, and perfect punctuation marks on his forehead.
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Shelter Cats

Mason Too

Mason Too has become a favorite with staff and volunteers at PAWS.
He’s staying in a room with cages for now, but don’t worry, he gets plenty of time out and attention.

He loves the wall hammock and can be quite an acrobat.
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Shelter Cats

Sioux and Tinkerbelle

That’s Sioux on top. She’s the mother of the little indian kittens: Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Geronimo. Tinkerbelle, a very nice 7 year old owner-release, is in the cage below.
Sioux was a young mother. We hope she’ll be adopted soon, but meanwhile she’s enjoying some well deserved peace and quiet now that her kittens are all in good homes.

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