Hello Cece. Will you tell us how you ended up at PAWS?

Yes, but it’s a little embarrassing…
Another cat in my house bullied me when I tried to use the litter box, so I started going in other places. My family left me here at the shelter.

Don’t worry Cece, now that you’re safe at PAWS, we’ll find you a forever home with no bullies.
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Wonderful Wizard and Wolfy


Wizard is a two year old large kitten released by his owners. He has beautiful two colored eyes and a black exclamation point of a tail!


Wolfy is a year and a half old. His information card says that he was abandoned.


They aren’t related and didn’t come to PAWS together; but they have become good playmates. Wizard and Wolfy are friendly, active, and affectionate cats.
Wouldn’t they make a wonderful instant cat family for some lucky people?