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Shelter Cats

Tortie Girls


I was sitting on the floor introducing myself to a beautiful new cat named Fumika. She’s a five year old calm and gentle girl with striking tortoiseshell markings.
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Shelter Cats

Around PAWS


Simba is just over a year old.
Caught you, Simba! He’s almost always in motion.


He needs a lot of play time to burn off his excess energy.

Speaking of excess energy…


This is the door to Cat Room #4. Harlequin is so curious and active that it’s not unusual to see her jump up about 5 feet and hang on the door’s screen window! She likes to see what’s happening in the hallway.


You might remember beautiful Harlequin from an earlier post.


Here’s a new cat, and his name is Paws.

We brightened up each other’s day Sunday. He was huddled in his dirty litter box looking very sad. It was easy to see that he liked the reassurance of the box’s higher walls. The shelter has a great selection of cat beds, so I got him a nice soft nest.


When I left the room he was purring and kneading.

Shelter Cats

Time Out For Katie


Sunday, Katie was lying in her hammock waiting to come out and play. The volunteers write the cats’ names and the schedule on a white board daily to make sure that everyone gets enough time out of their cages for freedom and exercise.


I bought a clock for the room at Ikea and left it on the floor while looking for a hammer and nail. Katie thought the minute hand was a new cat toy!

Katie is a young tortie cat; beautiful, playful and friendly. It’s about time someone took her home.

Thank you for all your good wishes, advice, and support for Tommie!
I got some great tips and was able to help other people who are dealing with chronic kidney disease. With knowledge and treatment, cats with the condition can have good lives for years. The website Feline CRF is a wonderful resource. Tommie’s next check up and blood test is in a month. Please think good thoughts about Tommie and I’ll keep you posted!

Shelter Cats

What’s Katie Doing?

Here’s her “wild thing” imitation.
Hanging out with Ella.
A moment of quiet…
then flying up to the top of the cage bank!
Young Katie is available at PAWS.

Shelter Cats

Torti Day


Ella is demonstrating the use of the white board in Cat Room #1. There’s a white board in every room at PAWS. They are full of observations and recommendations to help volunteers learn each cat’s likes and dislikes.

Introducing Katie
Katie is about a year and a half old. She’s petite, friendly, and is full of playful kittenish vitality.

Come meet our charming and available tortie girls at PAWS.

Shelter Cats



Some of the rooms at PAWS have gotten a fresh coat of paint. Cat Room #1 is a happy shade of orange. I think it flatters Ella and Buster’s coat colors.

Do Ella and Buster agree?

Buster and his brother Brian have been adopted.
Pretty Ella is still available.

All of your comments, emails, notes, and phone calls after Gracie’s death brought us great comfort. Thank you so much.
Our talented and beautiful four year old great-niece Zahra sent us this drawing of “Gracie and a friend in another place.”


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