Thank you!

It was so very nice to receive this blogging award from the lovely Nerissa the cat at “Nerissa’s Life“.
As part of the award, I’m supposed to tell you 10 things about this blog.

1. It all started because of our cat Gracie.
2. More than 10 years ago, I began volunteering at PAWS.
3. After three years of cleaning cages and litter boxes, petting, playing and brushing the cats, I fell in love.
4. We adopted a tiny tabby and white kitten and named her Ms. Grace Lillian.
5. I took lots of photographs of her in her new home, and brought them to the shelter so that the staff and other volunteers could see how she was doing.

Here’s baby Gracie.

6. One day the shelter director asked me to help photograph the shelter cats.
7. Having just gotten my first digital camera, I added photography to my list of volunteer duties.
8. Every week I’d send my pictures off to PAWS and also email them to friends, family, and other cat lovers.
9. My email list got huge! And then I heard about this thing called a blog…
10. My first post was in March 2009 and this is post #367.

It’s so much fun visiting other cat bloggers. The perfect place to find them is at the Catblogosphere.
There are also some really good bloggers who are kind enough to leave comments. You can click on their names and visit them too.

Lap Cat Mindy

Mindy is one of the cats who needed a lot of socialization.
Now she’s a cat in search of a lap to call her own.

Meanwhile in the kitten room…
Louisiana’s siblings have all been adopted. I hope it’s his turn soon.
UPDATE: Yes! He’s been adopted.
And there are still MORE kittens at the shelter!