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Shelter Cats

Cats Being Cats


There was a lot of relaxing going on at PAWS.

When someone put this small carpeted cat house in C5, Mimi (on top) and Stormy (below) took up immediate residence. They are mild-mannered young ladies who get along well with others.


Stormy also has been enjoying one of the wall-mounted nesting boxes.


Our own Truffles has the unfortunate title of longest cat resident at PAWS. A volunteer gave her a nice soft bed, and lined it with a towel for extra padding. She tunneled her way underneath, and here she is, looking adorable.

Shelter Cats

Tiny Houses


Our Tommie (left) and Mickey Mouser (right) are in a small housing development in Spare Bedroom, CT. The harsh Winter weather has caused me to stay inside and play with cardboard.
Maybe I should have titled this post “Little Cabin Fever”.


Here is one of the two houses that were transported to PAWS.

Rose is inside, and Stormy is the voyeur, peeking in the window.


Stormy is a friendly four year old Torbi cat.


Rose is playful and young.


Stormy and Rose are available at PAWS.

Home Cats

Santa’s List

This is our own cat, Ms. Grace Lillian. She’s trying to get on Santa’s Nice List.

But is it too little too late? Poor Tommie!

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