Handsome Tommy is shy and slowly warming up to people. This young cat is waiting at PAWS for his own true love. Won’t you be his Valentine?

Meanwhile back at my house…
eTomLicksTommie has a new favorite low calorie treat. It’s only one calorie per twenty licks. The difficult part is trying to count his lightning fast licks.
It’s available in lots of flavors and they even make it for dogs.

The Calm Before The Storm

Last weekend Tommie and I celebrated the change of seasons.

He checked out the last bits of catnip in the garden.

And he judged it a very fine year for nip.

We are getting back to normal here in Connecticut after the storm. PAWS never lost electrical power, so the shelter cats were safe.

Shadow and Sparky

This is Shadow. His brother Sparky is hanging out in his hammock below.

These are two very fine cats waiting for homes at PAWS. They have a funny habit of splashing the water in their bowls. Quite often they need dry bedding when they’ve been too enthusiastic. I wonder where they learned that trick? Is it genetic? Maybe they were fishing cats.


Last week I met Frederick and fell in love.
He’s a big guy, but he’s calm, sweet and gentle.
The kittens I’ve been featuring lately are little balls of energy… and other things that require some training and cleaning supplies.
A mature cat is just ready to love you and so happy to have a home.
Come meet Frederick at PAWS!

Tommie’s 14th Birthday
Tommie wants to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. He was too busy celebrating in his catnip patch yesterday.