On a Spring morning many years ago, when I was taking out the trash, I saw a tiny kitten with enormous paws in our front yard. I called to him, and he approached close enough for me to scoop him up.
When my husband Rick got home from work that night, I said, “Look what I found”.
Rick said, “I think that’s our kitten”.

And we lived happily ever after until last week.


We feel so fortunate that we found each other. I’m also grateful for your understanding and expressions of sympathy. They have been enormously comforting.

Thank you.

Purrsnickitty Kitty


Little girl kitten Purrsnickitty has been given a funny name. The “purr” part is certainly accurate. As soon as you pet her, her motor revs up.


I don’t think she will have a long wait before she’s adopted.

If you live in the Norwalk CT. area and are interested in any cat or kitten at PAWS, you can get a head start on the adoption process by filling out an application HERE.

Two Tabbies


“I am Bianca Del Rio, hear me roar!”


Introducing seven month old petite and pretty Bianca Del Rio. She’s presently living in a room with adult cats who are attempting to teach her some manners. Bianca Del Rio is overloaded with kitten energy. She’s waiting impatiently for a playmate at PAWS.


If you’re looking for a calm and sweet companion, look no farther. This is fifteen year old Annie, released by her family this Summer.


Annie is looking for a quiet home with loving friends.

I don’t know why she ended up at PAWS, sad things happen to good people and to good cats. Let’s just hope she’ll be adopted soon.

The Youngsters


Little black cat Gabriella is hanging out with one of the crop of friendly tabby fruits. I think this is Key Lime!


I’m surprised that I don’t see either name on the long and exciting list of adoptions in our friends’ Animal Shelter Volunteer Life blog. These are two of the sweetest older kittens at PAWS!


Gabriella relaxing.


Mimi is also part of this playgroup. She is shy but active and endearing.

Kitten Shower!


Question: What’s wrong with this picture?
Answer: Kittens, like Oliver and Twist above, growing up in cages.

There are so many beautiful and talented, brave and loving kittens at PAWS. If you are in Connecticut, please come to PAWS and open your heart!

During PAWS’ exciting Kitten Shower event you won’t have to open your wallet quite so far.


If you are far away, check with your local shelter. At this time of the year most animal rescue organizations are overflowing with homeless babies and adult cats.

Tabby Day


Nonáme is an energetic young girl cat looking for a loving family.

eNoname2Come to PAWS and meet Nonáme!

stromboliSeven month old Stromboli has a big name for a little cat. He’s friendly, active and full of kitten charm!

Sweetie Pie – Week 3


Speaking of active and playful… We are fostering Sweetie Pie at our house and she’s zooming around the room as I type. Here she is taking a break, counting her toys. She’s on Petfinders- CLICK HERE.

Kittens, Kittens, Everywhere


Very cute black and white kittens.


A tabby pair.


All ready and waiting at PAWS.

And a Foster kitten in our spare bedroom!


We have a three month old guest. This Sweetie Pie (temporary name) was trapped and neutered in a TNR operation. But, there’s hope that she will learn to enjoy the indoor life and won’t be returned to a managed feral colony.
CLICK HERE to see a very short film clip and let me know if you think she looks friendly.