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Mickey Mouser’s Gotcha Day


Once upon a time (five years ago), a momcat and her kittens lived along this patch of bushes and brambles between a fairly busy road and a dog park.
A kind volunteer at PAWS named Brett learned how to set up a trap and made many attempts to catch the little family and bring them to safety.
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Cinder(ella) and the Six Dwarfs


I couldn’t resist that fractured fairy tale title…
Petite and beautiful, polydactyl momcat Cinder has done a fine job raising her six kittens. After the kittens were weaned and she had her operation to retire from producing anymore, she was adopted.
Her kittens won’t be at PAWS for very long, but I can’t resist showing them off.
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On a Spring morning many years ago, when I was taking out the trash, I saw a tiny kitten with enormous paws in our front yard. I called to him, and he approached close enough for me to scoop him up.
When my husband Rick got home from work that night, I said, “Look what I found”.
Rick said, “I think that’s our kitten”.

And we lived happily ever after until last week.


We feel so fortunate that we found each other. I’m also grateful for your understanding and expressions of sympathy. They have been enormously comforting.

Thank you.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Purrsnickitty Kitty


Little girl kitten Purrsnickitty has been given a funny name. The “purr” part is certainly accurate. As soon as you pet her, her motor revs up.


I don’t think she will have a long wait before she’s adopted.

If you live in the Norwalk CT. area and are interested in any cat or kitten at PAWS, you can get a head start on the adoption process by filling out an application HERE.

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