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Shelter Cats

Four Fine Felines

This is Vishnu. Not what you were expecting, right?
He came to PAWS with his three buddies when his person moved into assisted living. Vishnu is six years old and the most laid-back affectionate cat!
He abides.
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Shelter Cats

Becky, Bronx, and Binx

Becky is a one year old retired Mom cat. She is sweet, but a bit introverted when meeting new people.
She certainly likes other cats!

Her good buddy, tabby boy Bronx, is about two years old.
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Shelter Cats

Penelope and Jack

Playful Penelope is only about a year old. She can be a bit shy just at first, not surprising in a cat who was brought to PAWS as a stray.

She warms up quickly and enjoys head rubs before returning to mouse toy domination.
Won’t you come visit charming Penelope?
And now introducing Jack…
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Shelter Cats

Dior and Halley

Dior and Halley both came to PAWS as strays. They are roommates and enjoy hanging out together.

Handsome Dior is about three years old. This friendly laid-back guy has tested positive for FIV. Kitties who test positive can live long, happy, and healthy lives. A recent study by Cornell University suggests that FIV negative and positive cats, like Dior and Halley, can safely live side by side in the same home with no issues.
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