So Many Beautiful Cats!

Meet friendly young Moonbeam!
He loves people and other cats. Moonbeam is happy to be in the safety of the shelter after life on the streets.

Sadly, pretty calico Spooky came to PAWS when her person died. She is a sweet six year old. That’s her roommate Kiki in the background.

Kiki can always be found at the highest level of the big cat tree. She is about three years old, curious and ready to supervise cats and people.

In Honeydew‘s short life, (she’s only a year old!) she was left behind by her people, tried to live on the streets, and contracted FIV. Don’t worry, she’s healthy, sweet, and ready to give her heart to a loving family.

Good news!
I checked the PAWS website and StarLord has already gone to his new home. It’s no wonder- he is a charming, healthy, and happy young cat.

I wish all the cats and kittens a very short stay at the shelter.