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Shelter Cats


These cats and three or four others (I lost count) are content at the shelter. There are no cages in their room because they all get along fine. Here they are, sitting together in a sunny window, waiting for a family of their own.

Shelter Cats


Poor Grover wonders how he ended up in a shelter after ten years in a comfortable loving home. After his person entered a nursing home, he was brought to PAWS.

Shelter Kittens

Kitten Season

Today I saw the first kitten of the Spring season at PAWS. Her name is Tara, and her brothers, Eros, Zeus, and Pixie have already been adopted.
Jellybean, a 4 month old very tolerant and friendly young cat, is keeping her company despite Tara’s attempts to nurse. Surprise, Jellybean!

Shelter Cats

Bonnie and Clyde

The shelter tries hard to place cats together when they have been life-long companions. It makes finding the right home a little harder. In the meantime, at least they have each other.

Shelter Cats

Shabby Chic

The cats enjoy hand-me-down furniture at the shelter. Many of them add their own touches to the decor.

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