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Fostering a kitten is very serious business.
You could be in danger of losing your heart!

We got some great name suggestions: Barnaby, Marvin, Sir Isaac Neutered…
But Mickey Mouser is his name-o.

Gracie says, “We don’t need no stinky kitten.” We hope she changes her mind!

Shelter Cats

Cubby and Celaphy

These cats are so friendly and sweet, you can tell that they had a loving home. It must have been very hard for someone to leave them behind at the shelter. I hope.

Shelter Cats

Scratch Lounge

The kind people at the Scratch Lounge company sent some of their products to PAWS for the shelter cats. They are a big hit! If you use this link to order one for your furry family, PAWS will get a donation.

Shelter Cats


This pretty stray cat was brought in to the shelter recently, ending her rough time on the street. Angel is shy but friendly, and must have had a family that loved her at some point. I wish we knew her story.

Shelter Cats


Most of the cages at the shelter are two room efficiency apartments. Here’s Tay supervising the cleaning of his litter box from the loft over his bedroom.
He appreciates a clean home.

Shelter Kittens

Another Beautiful Kitten

Kittens come into the shelter and are mostly adopted right away, unless they are too young or need extra care. Chances are, I won’t see this kitten when I go to PAWS next Sunday. Have a wonderful life, sweet little kitten!

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