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Shelter Kittens

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Kitten Season 2010

The shelter has kittens. Despite the snow on the ground, Spring is in the air! Amanda is the dark tortoiseshell and her sister Amy is the pale dilute torti.
UPDATE: They have been adopted together. Yea!

Shelter Kittens


Needed: Loving homes. Benefits include years of companionship, affection and entertainment! Apply for adoption at PAWS.
Update: Orphans no more. Gone home together!

Shelter Kittens

Kitten Identification

When you’re trying to figure out which kitten is which at the shelter, there are many things to check. One clue is to see how far up they have pulled their white socks.

Shelter Kittens

Recess at the Shelter

To keep the kittens safe and prevent the spread of germs, we can only let one litter out at a time for now. It is very hard to wait your turn.

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