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Shelter Kittens

Shelter Cats

Good Bye 2014

But first, it’s time to celebrate and remember the cats who passed through PAWS on their way to new forever homes.
They each took a little bit of our hearts when they left.
Here are just a few:


My wish for them (and for you!) is peace, health, happiness, and the warm security of unconditional love.

Happy New Year!

Shelter Cats

News Flash!


Celebrating the adoptions of Simba II, Kit-e, Gladys, Oliver (a very sweet black cat- sorry, no photograph), kittens Patrick and Bunny!


Meanwhile, back in Cat Room #1, Molly quickly discovered the bag of new cat toys and staked her claim.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Little Indians

The very creative staff at PAWS has a good time thinking up themed names for litters of kittens.
Pocahontas and Dakota have already been adopted.
These three boys, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Geronimo, are still available!

Shelter Kittens

Bottle Babies


These two motherless babies were at PAWS Sunday for a few hours.
Shelter Kittens are lovingly fostered in homes until they are older.


When they come back in a month or so, they’ll be well socialized and ready for adoption.


Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

From the Kitten Room

Heard in the Kitten Room:

“They untied my shoelaces again.”

“Ut oh, there are four kittens in this cage. Now I only see three. What’s that noise in the trash can?”

“Argh! He climbed up my leg!”

“Oh no. I just cleaned that cage. They dumped the litter box all over!”

“Look out! There’s one right behind you.”

PAWS has many beautiful kittens available for adoption.

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