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Shelter Cats

Shelter Cats

The Gang of Three

Patch is surveying the room from a very well worn cat perch. That’s Brenna, an active young girlcat, below him. Shy Junior is in the background.

Another week, another hammock.

Roamer has a pink one to match his nose.

Shelter Cats

Kosmo and Kramer

“Do you think Loreen and Krystal are in there, Kosmo?”
“Dunno, Kramer. Why don’t you go in and find out.”

“Nope. They’re not in here either, Kosmo.”

Loreen and Krystal have left the shelter for a home of their very own!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Happy New Year!

Here are just a few of the Shelter cats and kittens we cared for and loved in the past year. They’re all celebrating today in their very own homes. My wish for the New Year is a safe and loving family for all animals, and for people too.

Their names have probably changed now that they’ve been adopted, but starting at the top from left to right, here are:
Emmanuel, Calypso, Sophie, Pedro, Tallahassee, Luisa, Pixiedoodle, Gideon, Cameron, Yoshi, Leo, Lynne, Kiet, Levi, Trinket, Willow, and Charleston.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Dogs

Please Help!

This Sunday the PAWS shelter in Norwalk CT will be holding a fundraising event called “Bark in the Park”. Personally I think it should be called “Meow in the Meadow”, but they didn’t ask me. Anyway the money raised will support the shelter’s dogs AND cats. Please click on this link and give whatever help you can. Thank you!

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