Our Mickey Mouser looks pretty relaxed here, but he panics easily. Vacuum cleaners and friendly visitors all send him into hiding. Knowing we were going to have loud workers around our house, we decided to try a Thundershirt.

The pressure of the snug fitting shirt is supposed to have a calming effect on cats and dogs. It’s very nicely made and was fairly easy to put it on him. Mickey immediately laid down on my lap, but I wondered, is that because I pulled the velcro straps too tight? I loosened it a bit, and he seemed comfortable.

Does this cat look calm to you?

Actually, this is an improvement. Mickey is on high alert but he’s not hiding. The Thundershirt isn’t the miracle I hoped for, but it seems to help.
Next time we go to the vet he’ll certainly be wearing it.

Has anybody got scaredy cat suggestions?