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Shelter Puppies

Elfie and Emmie

April Fools’!
I bet you thought Elfie and Emmie were going to be cats…
Yesterday all the volunteers were mesmerized by the sight of so much cute.
Elfie has the floppy ears, that’s Emmie on the right.
They are 10 to 12 week old German Shepherd puppies available at PAWS.

Shelter Puppies


I couldn’t resist putting this picture on my catcentric blog. Little puppy Spike was “released” by his owner at the shelter this week. He’s about the same size as my cats, but he weighs a lot less!

Shelter Puppies


Three month old Calvin and his sister Cleo were brought into the shelter together. She was adopted yesterday, so he’s a lonely puppy. He’s a very sweet tempered guy and won’t be an orphan much longer.

Shelter Dogs


I spent some time having my face washed by this very friendly, happy, healthy puppy. He’s the miracle boy at PAWS. When he came to the shelter he had parvo, from which most puppies don’t recover.

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