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Furby and Tilly

Petite Furby looks like a toy, but she’s a sweet, shy, three year old calico Persian.
Her dear companion is ten year old Tilly.
These two are available at PAWS, but only as a pair!

Shelter Cats

Little Eliza

While I was cleaning Sunday, I looked under a chair and met Eliza. What a charming little cat! She’s a three year old stray Persian mix, according to the notes on her information card.
She’s very affectionate and purrs up a storm.
Eliza has a petite compact little body and a beautiful soft coat. I can’t imagine how she ended up out on the streets, but I don’t think she’ll be living at PAWS very long.

Shelter Cats


I hope his distinctive odd eyes and sweet temperament will help him find a new home soon. Once his coat grows back in, he’ll be spectacular.

Shelter Cats


Beautiful 4 year old Persian Pixie has spent the Summer at the shelter.
She’s giving you “the look.” Is it working?

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