Getting to Know You!


What was Buster studying?


Fourteen year old Buster was checking out his roommate Lucinda. It’s good to be cautious when introducing cats, but these two will get along fine.



Quite a few kittens were adopted at PAWS last week. And we’re especially pleased that two older cats, 15 year old calico Calliope and 10 year old Sydney, found good homes.

Just An Older Kitten

The Shelter is getting a lot of calls from people looking for kittens to adopt. The most requested colors are orange and white.
Twelve year old Dottie is patiently waiting at the shelter. She’s not going to chew on your headphone cords, or race around the house in the middle of the night, or any of that kitten nonsense. She’s just going to keep you company and love you for years.