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Shelter Cats


Last Fall, Apricat was busy raising her last litter of kittens at a very nice home for unwed lady cats (fostered by a volunteer at PAWS). She’s about five years old now, so it’s definitely time to retire!
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Shelter Cats



What cat doesn’t enjoy a box? Five year old Paolo is certainly no exception.
But what was inside of the box (before Paolo) was pretty special too.
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Shelter Cats

Need Office Help?


Tax season is coming and you might need experienced help with filing and keeping important papers weighed down.
Look no further!
Here’s six year old Garfunkle to the rescue.


Garfunkle’s brother is equally efficient. Guess what his name is?

Yes, it’s Simon.

This calm, gentle duo would make excellent stress reducing companions. They are waiting at PAWS.

Shelter Cats

Oliver and Daisy

Oliver: Able to leap up tall cat trees in a single bound.
He’s athletic, playful, and sweet.
Daisy: Loyal sidekick and playmate.
She’s a wonderful lapcat with a soft coat and friendly purr.
These two exceptional cats are available at PAWS.

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