Time to Celebrate!


This is a photograph from 2011 of black and white Yankee and his sister Doodle. They came to PAWS around the Fourth of July.


Here they are again, just a few months ago.

They were shy kittens who grew up into sweet, calm, and quiet adults at the shelter. They won’t be making any more appearances here. They have been adopted together!!!


And they took their roommate young Geraldo with them!


Remember Noname? Adopted.

I bet she gets a new name to go with her new forever home.

I’m so very happy to share the news. January was a great month at PAWS. And there are even a few days left…

Yankee and Doodle


It was a peaceful Sunday morning at PAWS.
Black and white Hubbell is on top, Lieutenant Uhura on the left, and Doodle’s enjoying the wall hammock.


Here comes Doodle’s brother Yankee wanting a turn in the hammock.

3HammockWill it hold two cats?


It sort of holds two cats…


Maybe not too comfortably…


It was a peaceful Sunday morning at PAWS.

Yankee and his sister Doodle are happy at the shelter. It’s the only home they have known in their three years. They get along well with other cats, live in a room with a window for bird watching, and enjoy the shelter cuisine. This shy pair came to PAWS when they were nine weeks old around the fourth of July in 2011. They have no idea how much sweeter their lives could be in a home of their own. I sure hope they find out soon.

Cat Room #4


From the top we have: shy orange and white Doodle, then Patch, Hippity (or is that Hoppity?), and at the bottom there’s pretty polydactyl Pauline. Earlier, Hippity decided he wanted the coveted tube position and ousted Pauline.


Fortunately this is a very calm and peaceful group of cats. Pauline jumped down and didn’t mind at all.
Some of the cats in this room have never known any home other than PAWS. While they are quite content here, we wish them so much more…