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Blogging for Peace


Today bloggers all over the world are promoting and publishing peace globes. I can’t think of a better time to change the tone of the conversation to peace, love, and kindness.
My globe features Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red, feline role models.

No comments today, everybody take a deep breath and think good thoughts.

Home Cats

Greetings from Rufus the Red


Rufus the Red is the most friendly, busy, and playful cat we’ve ever adopted…
Fortunately, he must know that Santa is keeping a list, because he’s shown no interest in those shiny little Christmas ornaments.
And how are he and Mickey Mouser getting along?
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Home Cats

Mickey Mouser’s Gotcha Day


Once upon a time (five years ago), a momcat and her kittens lived along this patch of bushes and brambles between a fairly busy road and a dog park.
A kind volunteer at PAWS named Brett learned how to set up a trap and made many attempts to catch the little family and bring them to safety.
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Home Cats

‘Tis the Season…


As you can see, our Mickey Mouser is waiting under the Christmas tree. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, I hope you’re sharing it with those you love.
Best wishes from Maggie, Tommie, and Mickey Mouser

Shelter Cats

Home for the Holidays


Beautiful owl-eyed Sydney is 10 years old. Sydney is definitely on Santa’s Nice List.


Marlee is a friendly gentle cat. At 9 years old she’s done with all that annoying kittenish misbehavior. She just needs a friend to cuddle with.
Sydney and Marlee are waiting at PAWS.


And here’s our own Mickey Mouser (failed foster cat). He had a rough start in life as a tiny underweight feral kitten rescued by PAWS volunteers. He’s wishing a warm safe home for everycat.

Shelter Cats

Catnip Volunteer


This week we’ve been getting ready to do some fund raising for PAWS at the Norwalk Oyster Festival. Mickey Mouser has been supervising the catnip toy production.


Mickey has also been in charge of quality control.


“What do you mean we can’t keep them?”

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