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Shelter Cats

Phoebe and Bobbi

That’s Phoebe on the left and Bobbi on the right photographed in 2006.

They’re back at the shelter again.
Phoebe is now eleven and Bobbi (renamed Zoe-Bob) is eight.
The good news is that they’re safe, and they will never be separated.

Shelter Cats

A Cuddle of Cats

Gizmo is the orange cat in the background, Angel is a Maine Coon mix, and Roxy in the foreground is a gray tabby.
Even in sleep they find comfort in the touch of a friend.
See how Gizmo has his foot on Angel’s back?
And if you look at Roxy’s tummy you will see Angel’s paw hugging her.
Of course we want them to have homes. But meanwhile, shelter life is pretty sweet.

Shelter Cats

Angel and Roxy

Catnap interrupted!
These two shy girls came to the shelter separately, but I sure hope they leave together.

Shelter Cats


This pretty stray cat was brought in to the shelter recently, ending her rough time on the street. Angel is shy but friendly, and must have had a family that loved her at some point. I wish we knew her story.

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