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Shelter Kittens

Kitten Wranglers Wanted

One of the volunteers said, “I wouldn’t adopt a kitten. They’re too much work.” I know if I adopted a kitten, NO work would get done. ‘Kitten Wrangler’ would be my new profession.

Shelter Kittens

Another Beautiful Kitten

Kittens come into the shelter and are mostly adopted right away, unless they are too young or need extra care. Chances are, I won’t see this kitten when I go to PAWS next Sunday. Have a wonderful life, sweet little kitten!

Shelter Kittens

Kitten Season

Today I saw the first kitten of the Spring season at PAWS. Her name is Tara, and her brothers, Eros, Zeus, and Pixie have already been adopted.
Jellybean, a 4 month old very tolerant and friendly young cat, is keeping her company despite Tara’s attempts to nurse. Surprise, Jellybean!

Shelter Cats

Name That Expression

I made some funny noises to get little Rachael’s attention this morning. I’ve been reading an interesting book called “Animals Make Us Human” by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson. They maintain that, “The hardest thing for people is that cats don’t have expressive faces”. Rachael and I disagree.

Shelter Kittens

Volunteer Magnet


After we clean litter boxes and make sure everyone has fresh water and food, our reward is play time with the kittens. This little guy wasn’t at the shelter very long last Spring.

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