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Shelter Cats


Frank is an affectionate six year old, who will happily greet you with his bright observant look and firm head bumps.
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Shelter Cats

Designer Kittens

Fendi, Vuitton, and Ferragamo are back at the shelter and available for adoption. They were fostered by PAWS volunteer Cheryl with their momcat Givenchy and two other kittens (Hermes and Dior have already been adopted).
They’ve been well loved and are very affectionate and playful. Cheryl had her hands full, but she did a great job socializing them.

This is Fendi, she and her brother Vuitton are polydactyl.

Shelter Kittens

Babes in the Woods

These lucky three week old kittens were rescued from a wooded area and brought to the Shelter. After they are fostered, with tender loving care, they will come back to the Shelter ready for adoption.

It will be about a month before they are available. See you later, fuzzies!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

The Breakfast Club

Four month old Muffin is the only girl in the group.
Pancake missed the class picture, but here is tabby Waffle, and gray Biscuit. They are full of kitten energy and ready for adoption.

Shelter Cats

Cat Room #7

At the shelter this is one of the most fun rooms to visit… and one of the most challenging ones to clean! It’s full of happy busy young cats. Quite a few are black or gray so I can’t tell you his (?) name.

I do know that this lovely orange tiger cat is Mite, and the gray tabby is Pisces.

Shelter Cats

Betty and Veronica

These beautiful girls spent their first weeks with their mother in a foster home.
They just came to PAWS so that they can find a permanent loving new family.

they are very curious about the girl kitten next door!

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