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Shelter Cats

A Day at the Shelter


Bjork is happily occupying top position with her shadow Shadow below.


Shadow is a shy cat, more comfortable with other cats than with people.

Meanwhile in Cat Room #1


Buddy (on top) and Sarah would prefer a home where they would be the only cat in the house.



All of these cats are available at PAWS.
You can find true love, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your stress level.
Adopt a cat today!

Shelter Cats



This is what the door to PAWS has looked like most of the month. Fortunately all the cats and dogs are safe and warm inside.


This is Sheeba who came to the shelter last Fall. She is a friendly and quiet seven year old girlcat.


Sheeba is looking for a quiet home with good cuddlers.

eJasmineCute, compact, and petite, Jasmine is also about seven years old. While she appears to be an expert at camouflage, she’s really quite friendly.

If you live within driving distance from PAWS ( Norwalk, CT ) and would like some faithful companionship, you can download an Adoption Application from the shelter website.

Shelter Cats

Merritt and Pewter


That’s four year old Merritt on top. If you are familiar with the East Coast, you’ll know that her name is the same as the historic highway called the Merritt Parkway. It’s not a coincidence. She was found by a PAWS volunteer dumped on the side of the road.
She gets along with the other cats in her room as long as they know who’s the boss!
Below her is beautiful Pewter.
He’s already been adopted and will be celebrating his first birthday with his very own family.

Shelter Cats

Cat Room #4


From the top we have: shy orange and white Doodle, then Patch, Hippity (or is that Hoppity?), and at the bottom there’s pretty polydactyl Pauline. Earlier, Hippity decided he wanted the coveted tube position and ousted Pauline.


Fortunately this is a very calm and peaceful group of cats. Pauline jumped down and didn’t mind at all.
Some of the cats in this room have never known any home other than PAWS. While they are quite content here, we wish them so much more…

Shelter Cats



Some of the rooms at PAWS have gotten a fresh coat of paint. Cat Room #1 is a happy shade of orange. I think it flatters Ella and Buster’s coat colors.

Do Ella and Buster agree?

Buster and his brother Brian have been adopted.
Pretty Ella is still available.

All of your comments, emails, notes, and phone calls after Gracie’s death brought us great comfort. Thank you so much.
Our talented and beautiful four year old great-niece Zahra sent us this drawing of “Gracie and a friend in another place.”


Shelter Cats

Hanging in the Hammock

Here’s Brian and his brother Buster again – you met them a few weeks ago. Tabby Brian is cautious but curious. He checks to see if Buster likes you first… But Buster is so affectionate and outgoing; he seems to like everyone!
When I cleaned their cage, the disruption sent them up to their hammock. It’s harder to find homes for cats when there are two that can’t be parted. But the comfort they bring each other while they wait is very sweet to see.

Shelter Cats

Buster and Brian

I sat on the floor in front of their open cage and made some cat-friendly chirping noises. Slowly gray Buster came out, inspected me, and climbed into my lap.
Buster rolled, stretched, purred, and made himself at home. When shy tabby Brian saw that it was safe, he came out and laid beside me for some petting too.
These one year old boys are just sweethearts – and they’re available for adoption at PAWS.

Minnie Mouse and Mouse Continued…
eMinnieandMouseSunday morning Minnie was hanging out in her hammock with her mouse.

Home Cats, Shelter Cats

The Calm Before The Storm

Last weekend Tommie and I celebrated the change of seasons.

He checked out the last bits of catnip in the garden.

And he judged it a very fine year for nip.

We are getting back to normal here in Connecticut after the storm. PAWS never lost electrical power, so the shelter cats were safe.

Shadow and Sparky

This is Shadow. His brother Sparky is hanging out in his hammock below.

These are two very fine cats waiting for homes at PAWS. They have a funny habit of splashing the water in their bowls. Quite often they need dry bedding when they’ve been too enthusiastic. I wonder where they learned that trick? Is it genetic? Maybe they were fishing cats.

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