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Shelter Cats

Cove and Greyrock


That’s Cove on top and Greyrock under the bench. From their position and body language, you can probably tell that Cove is confident and outgoing, while Greyrock is more shy.
But, Cove has a good technique for socializing Greyrock.
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Shelter Cats

The Great Catsby and Friends


Handsome young Catsby is pretty Great! He was a stray until he was brought to PAWS. The Great Catsby is friendly, but a little shy. The first week I met him, he was hiding under and behind furniture. Now he’s looking much more relaxed.
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Shelter Cats

The Lion Cut


What a friendly purrsonable cat! This is eight year old Azalea. Her information card says that she was abandoned. How could that have happened?
As you can see, she’s at the height of fashion in her lion cut.


Pretty Lieutenant Uhura had some annoying mats in her fur, so she’s been to the groomer too. Such cool cats!

Sweetie Pie – Week 2


Here’s our little foster kitten, Sweetie Pie! She’s very playful. Yesterday she jumped into my lap! OK, there was tuna involved, but I think we’re making progress.

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