Our Star

This is Maggie who came to the shelter as a very angry and bad tempered stray. At first, when we entered her room, there was the constant sound of growling coming from her cage.
After weeks of treats and visits from kind hearted and brave volunteers, she’s a different cat. Now she purrs and kneads her towel in anticipation when she sees her friends.
I don’t know about dogs, but you can teach a cat new tricks!

Chompers and the Feral Four

Chompers is just under a year old, likes baby food and gentle brushing. The shape of his upper eyelids makes him look disgruntled but he can’t help that.

A group of PAWS volunteers have been working intensively with some feral cats at the shelter. So far Mindy, Maggie, Santana, Pokeeta, and Chompers are all gradually responding to the extra attention and treats.
We are hoping this program will make the cats much better candidates for adoption.