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Shelter Cats

Harlequin Painting


Is it any wonder that a photograph of Harlequin inspired artist Diane Hoeptner?


This is the picture I posted about a month ago. Harlequin is still very active, playful and charming. And she’s still waiting at PAWS for a home of her own.

You can visit Diane’s site HERE to view more of her work, and even commission a portrait of your pet.
Her paintings are gorgeous and you can tell that she has a special understanding of cats.


Make your Holidays even more meaningful!
When you adopt an animal, you’re helping to save the life of an adorable and devoted pet who simply needs a second chance. So here’s to bringing joy to your world (and theirs) this season.

Visit PAWS at 504 Main Ave. Norwalk, CT, 06851
(203) 750-9572 •

Shelter Cats

Mom Mercury


Petite Mercury is the mother of the kittens Gypsy and Dude.


Now that her maternal duties are done and she’s been spayed, it’s time to have some fun. She loves catnip and can’t resist the string toys!


After all, she’s still a kitten at heart. Mercury is waiting at PAWS and would like to be your one and only.

Shelter Cats



This is what the door to PAWS has looked like most of the month. Fortunately all the cats and dogs are safe and warm inside.


This is Sheeba who came to the shelter last Fall. She is a friendly and quiet seven year old girlcat.


Sheeba is looking for a quiet home with good cuddlers.

eJasmineCute, compact, and petite, Jasmine is also about seven years old. While she appears to be an expert at camouflage, she’s really quite friendly.

If you live within driving distance from PAWS ( Norwalk, CT ) and would like some faithful companionship, you can download an Adoption Application from the shelter website.

Shelter Cats



Was there ever a cat more aptly named?


Five year old Belle is adventuresome and friendly.


And look at her cute polydactyl paws!
She’s adjusting nicely to the shelter, but I hope she won’t be waiting there long.

Shelter Cats

Patches (and Rusty)


I bet there will be plenty of catnip toys for pretty Patches and her brother Rusty in their new home.


Occasionally I’m asked to work with new volunteers, showing them how we clean the cat cages and the open rooms at PAWS.
I hear two things from most of them:

1. They were hesitant to volunteer because they thought it would be too depressing.

2. They were afraid they’d want to bring all the cats home.

I have to admit that sometimes it is sad to hear what some of the cats have experienced. But being part of the solution, bringing kindness and affection into their lives is a joyous activity. And, there is working with people who share a goal and have a common outlook. Knowing that just getting a cat to come forward in the cage; enjoying the touch of your hand, hearing them purr, means that the next time a potential adopter comes in they’ll get a reception from the cat that can result in a new forever home… it’s very rewarding.

Of course you, as a volunteer, might fall in love with a particular cat. And that might result in an adoption…
But is that so bad? There are between 80 and 100 cats at PAWS depending on the time of the year. Are you going to want to take them all home? Yikes!

Just think, you can be like a grandparent. Visit, lavish the cats with love, then go home and relax with only a bit more cat hair on your clothing.

Shelter Cats

Rusty and Patches II

Remember very sweet dilute torti Patches II? A few weeks ago I told you that her shy brother Rusty wasn’t ready for a photo session yet.
Well, I tried…
Rusty is coming out of his cage and exploring the room…
Hi, Rusty!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Patches II

There’s more than one cat named Patches at PAWS now, so this pretty girl has been designated “Patches II”. As you can see, she’s a dilute calico with beautiful markings. Only about two years old, she’s friendly and very active.

She must be placed with her brother Rusty, who is shy and wasn’t ready yet for a photo session. I’ll try to show you her handsome orange tiger companion next time… well, actually, I hope they won’t be at the shelter that long!

Kittens Fiver (black male) and Trudy (tortie female) are looking for a family to call their own too.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Daisy and Dolly

Now that Loreen and Krystal have been adopted, I was very curious to see who moved into their old room at the shelter.
The new residents are a mother and daughter. Meet four month old Daisy.

And her one year old mother Dolly.

Little Daisy was very busy exploring the room while Mom kept a watchful eye on her baby.

Daisy wore herself out! Have you ever seen such pink toe pads?


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