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Shelter Cats


Gentle two year old Flower seems like a shy reserved cat…
but just a little petting and soft conversation has her purring up a storm.
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Shelter Cats

Nellie and Charlotte


Nellie, on the left, is the official greeter in Cat Room #4. Whenever someone comes in, she is right there chatting and waiting for head rubs. That’s her roommate Charlotte on the right.
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Shelter Cats



What kind of name is Zeru?

You talking about me???

Yes, Zeru, we’re talking about you.
We’d never believe that you are eight years old! You have such a compact body and big friendly purr.
The wiktionary says zeru means “zero” in Corsican. But it means “blue” in the Basque language. I’m going with “blue” for her beautiful eyes.

Zeru is available at PAWS.

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