Lucky Wall Perch?


We made a new wall-mounted carpet-covered perch for the PAWS cats and installed it. Geraldo was the first to try it out. And then he was adopted.


Roger tried it out next. And then he and his brother Brian GOT ADOPTED!


Lieutenant Uhura found it very comfortable. Guess what happened next? She was adopted.


This is two year old Rob Roy. What a sweet boy! I sure hope the luck of the wall perch holds, and he won’t be waiting long for his forever home.


He sure is handsome!

UPDATE: Rob Roy has been adopted!

Going Vertical at PAWS


As Jackson Galaxy says, “Cats need vertical space; it enables them to survey their world from a safe perspective.” And when the floors and cat trees at PAWS got too crowded, it made perfect sense to expand up the walls.


Here’s Mimi getting ready for take off…


Mimi airborne!


We hope to continue the catification at PAWS this year. Cat Room #5 is mostly finished, but there are many more rooms that need help!

There’s a short youtube video of the room – CLICK HERE!