DIY Catification

A few months ago, we were contacted by volunteer at the Longmont Humane Society in Colorado. She had questions about the wall hammocks Rick has been making out of wood. I was happy to share his plans, but they figured out another method – using plumbing supplies!
We had to give it a try.
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Peaceful Afternoon in the Lobby Room

Naps were only interrupted when the cats moved to a more comfortable spot.
Midnight claimed the wall cup. Goober, on the left, shared the shelf with her buddy, four year old orange Jetpack.
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Catification from the Plumbing Department

You might be wondering why I’m featuring this toilet flange on a cat blog…
When we needed to replace the big climbing pole in Cat Room #8, we went to the plumbing department of a hardware store to buy plastic pipe (that’s what’s under the 220 feet of sisal rope). The flange fit perfectly into the pipe, and Rick cut a round wooden platform which we screwed down and covered in carpet for the top!

Theodore approves.
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