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Shelter Cats

Goodbye 2016

This is a screen shot of my desktop featuring our Angel Tommie. And there’s the folder of cat photographs holding hundreds of pictures from PAWS taken in 2016.
It’s time to create a new folder for 2017, but first, let’s look back and remember…
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Shelter Cats


This pretty stray cat was brought in to the shelter recently, ending her rough time on the street. Angel is shy but friendly, and must have had a family that loved her at some point. I wish we knew her story.

Shelter Cats


This new girl at the shelter has remarkable eyes. I wonder if that’s how she got her name. When I first saw her, I was reminded of my friend’s collection of sea glass.

Shelter Cats

Chyna Blue

Chyna is a new cat at the shelter. She has extraordinary blue eyes and (I’m sorry but it’s true) needs to go on a diet.
Updated February 2010- Chyna has finally been adopted!

Shelter Cats


Poor Grover wonders how he ended up in a shelter after ten years in a comfortable loving home. After his person entered a nursing home, he was brought to PAWS.

Shelter Cats

Cat Sitting

This morning Snoopy wanted me to know that my services were no longer required. He feels perfectly capable of opening doors and finding his own food, thank you very much.

Shelter Cats

Cat TV

We have cat TV at PAWS. Jezebel is fascinated. It must be a more interesting show than what’s playing at my house… She also has beautiful orange eyes. I hope she’s not sitting too close to the TV!

Shelter Cats

Name That Expression

I made some funny noises to get little Rachael’s attention this morning. I’ve been reading an interesting book called “Animals Make Us Human” by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson. They maintain that, “The hardest thing for people is that cats don’t have expressive faces”. Rachael and I disagree.

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