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Shelter Cats

The New Girls


When Molly and Annie went to their new homes, there were empty cages in Cat Room #1. But not for long!

Introducing the new girls:


Lucinda is the sweetest cat! Her right ear is folded down giving her a jaunty attitude. As soon as you open her cage, she just wants to give you love and kisses.


Pretty Brownie isn’t as outgoing, yet. She’s still adjusting to the new room and roommates.


She forgets to be shy when there’s a good toy to play with.

These two lovelies are available at PAWS.

Shelter Cats



Harlequin has a superabundance of personality and energy.
She’s a striking two year old dilute calico.

eHarlequin3If you’re looking for a playmate and exercise partner, PAWS has a cat for you!

The toy Harlequin is enjoying was made by 1st grade Daisy Troop #50613 from Springdale School in Stamford CT. The Girl Scouts made a big bag of these fleece toys for PAWS and the cats love them.
Thank you, girls!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Miss Piggy


Miss Piggy is eight years old and comes to PAWS as an “owner release” cat. Her information card says that she is independent and has a dominant personality. From what we can tell, so far she has expressed her preference to be an only cat.
Miss Piggy, like her namesake, is a diva.


She’s described as a low energy, couch potato.
But give her a mouse toy and stand back… this girl wants to play!



Little orange and white Jesse James was adopted this week. Happy Trails, Jesse!
His sister, calico Annie Oakley, is waiting for her turn.

Shelter Cats

Catnip Volunteer


This week we’ve been getting ready to do some fund raising for PAWS at the Norwalk Oyster Festival. Mickey Mouser has been supervising the catnip toy production.


Mickey has also been in charge of quality control.


“What do you mean we can’t keep them?”

Shelter Cats

Mr. Marley


Marley is a three year old active, friendly cat. He’s got a sleek and shiny black coat. His cage card says he’s a couch potato, but show him a string toy and he becomes a determined hunter, leaping joyously.


However, in the interests of full disclosure, I do have to report that Marley is a toy thief. I had just put this catnip toy in Mercury‘s cage…


Busted, Marley!

Shelter Cats

Let the Games Begin!


In Cat Room #7 the contest has begun for possession of the coveted and colorful ribbon string toy. Two year old Sioux takes an early lead.


But wait!
Here’s Hubbell making a move.


He’s no match for Sioux, who claims the prize.


And wins the funny hat.

Sioux is available for adoption at PAWS, as is two year old Hubbell with his brother Marshall. They might be a little shy at first, but they all love to play!

Shelter Cats



Introducing the lovely five year old Bridgit who has been at PAWS since November.

Is that a catnip mouse you have there, Bridgit?




Yes, I guess it’s a catnip mouse.

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