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Mellow Milo

When I wrote about Milo back in May, he was still a very grumpy, unfriendly guy. What a difference love, attention, and treats can make!

Now Milo is living loose in Cat Room #5. His calm manner and loud purr makes him the favorite cat to curl up with.

That’s Violet in the cage. The cats are telling her to stop hissing all the time so that she can come out too.

Shelter Cats


We’ve just started to work on socializing Milo.
His ears say, “No, no, no,” but then he feels the brush running through his beautiful orange coat.
And he’s starting to say, “Yes.”

Shelter Cats

Our Star

This is Maggie who came to the shelter as a very angry and bad tempered stray. At first, when we entered her room, there was the constant sound of growling coming from her cage.
After weeks of treats and visits from kind hearted and brave volunteers, she’s a different cat. Now she purrs and kneads her towel in anticipation when she sees her friends.
I don’t know about dogs, but you can teach a cat new tricks!

Shelter Cats


This shy girl is almost a year old and making good progress with her socialization. Pokeeta looks like she’s thinking, “Can I really trust you?”

Shelter Cats


She’s a stray rescued from the streets.
Santana is a little over a year old and still making up her mind whether or not people are a pleasant addition to her life. A group of volunteers are trying hard to help her with that decision.
So far she really likes the baby food everyone is hand-feeding her!

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