Time Out For Katie


Sunday, Katie was lying in her hammock waiting to come out and play. The volunteers write the cats’ names and the schedule on a white board daily to make sure that everyone gets enough time out of their cages for freedom and exercise.


I bought a clock for the room at Ikea and left it on the floor while looking for a hammer and nail. Katie thought the minute hand was a new cat toy!

Katie is a young tortie cat; beautiful, playful and friendly. It’s about time someone took her home.

Thank you for all your good wishes, advice, and support for Tommie!
I got some great tips and was able to help other people who are dealing with chronic kidney disease. With knowledge and treatment, cats with the condition can have good lives for years. The website Feline CRF is a wonderful resource. Tommie’s next check up and blood test is in a month. Please think good thoughts about Tommie and I’ll keep you posted!

Milo, One More Time

When Milo came to PAWS, he was unkempt, battle scarred and fierce. It was months before he realized that he’d hit the jackpot. First we had to continually remind him that humans could be trusted. It was a long process and emails went out among the staff and volunteers celebrating every mark of progress.

And boy, did he make progress! He became the calmest, sweetest lap cat who never willingly ended a brushing session. All the other cats in his room wanted to be near him.

And this week, two years later, it finally happened… the moment we’ve all dreamed of. Milo has left us for a real home of his own.

Click HERE for an earlier visit with Milo.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a way to have fun, positive interactions with cats. This is especially important in a shelter where some cats don’t view humans in a very positive light. It reminds the cats that nice things happen when people are around. Eventually cats become less fearful and more interested in potential adopters.

PAWS volunteer Gail has been teaching clicker training to other volunteers, and working with a number of cats at the shelter.
Here’s a session with Roamer, one of her star pupils.

“Up, Roamer!”

“Good job, Roamer!” Gail gives him a little reward.

For a very good short video that shows the benefits of clicker training CLICK HERE.

Lap Cat Loreen

Loreen and her sister Krystal have been at PAWS since September 2009. From the start, Krystal has been a good tempered cat, adjusting well to shelter life.

Then there’s Loreen…

There’s a dry erase board in most of the cat rooms with tips on things like favorite toys, whether a cat likes to be brushed, which cats can be out of their cages together. It’s very helpful information. Some months ago a note appeared (Thank you Tracey and Kevin at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life!) advising that if you put a towel in your lap, Loreen would come over and sit. Having needed bandaids from encounters with Loreen in the past, I wasn’t eager to experiment.

Then Sunday I sat down with the towel and called her. She came right over and purred up a storm! Yea!!!