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Shelter Cats

Friends of PAWS


You may have seen Merritt here in previous posts, but she has never looked so contented and pleased with her surroundings. generously donated two of these Catit Bench Scratchers to PAWS. I emailed them, sent pictures of our red themed room, and, within a few days they sent the scratchers.
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Shelter Cats



Here’s Scratchy flirting from his nest inside a cat tree. He’s a ten year male in need of a good home (and a new name!).
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Shelter Cats

Catification Completed!


Meanwhile in Cat Room #7…

Ernie: “What do you think they’re doing, Merritt?”
Merritt: “I don’t know, Ernie, but they’ve been hammering and sawing and making a terrible racket for a month. Now we have these new windows, but I don’t see any cats in there.”
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