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Shelter Cats

Getting to Know You!


What was Buster studying?


Fourteen year old Buster was checking out his roommate Lucinda. It’s good to be cautious when introducing cats, but these two will get along fine.



Quite a few kittens were adopted at PAWS last week. And we’re especially pleased that two older cats, 15 year old calico Calliope and 10 year old Sydney, found good homes.

Shelter Cats



Harlequin has a superabundance of personality and energy.
She’s a striking two year old dilute calico.

eHarlequin3If you’re looking for a playmate and exercise partner, PAWS has a cat for you!

The toy Harlequin is enjoying was made by 1st grade Daisy Troop #50613 from Springdale School in Stamford CT. The Girl Scouts made a big bag of these fleece toys for PAWS and the cats love them.
Thank you, girls!

Shelter Cats

The Artful Dodger and Friends


She’s six years old, gentle and friendly. Dodger gets along well with the other cats in the Meeting Room at PAWS.


Dodger was released by her owner, so that’s her own original name. I wonder if they had the Dickens character in mind, or maybe the Los Angeles baseball team?


Four year old Patches has a lovely calico coat. It’s just over a year since her people left her at PAWS. Still waiting…


That’s Snow White on top. Sheeba and Jasmine from my previous post are in the Meeting Room too. It’s like a sorority house!

All of these lovelies, and many more, are available at PAWS.

Shelter Cats

News Flash!


Celebrating the adoptions of Simba II, Kit-e, Gladys, Oliver (a very sweet black cat- sorry, no photograph), kittens Patrick and Bunny!


Meanwhile, back in Cat Room #1, Molly quickly discovered the bag of new cat toys and staked her claim.

Shelter Cats

Introducing: Girl Cats of Paws


Marcy has been at PAWS since January. She’s a two year old gentle, friendly cat.eKit-e
Kit-e is a fun loving and energetic young calico.

And then there’s poor Pumpkin.
She’s had a hard month. She was shaved (don’t know why) and then brought to the shelter where she was released by her family. I’m sure her hair will grow back out and her mood will improve with the special TLC all cats get at PAWS.

This is just three of the beautiful adoptable cats, stay tuned!

Shelter Cats

Furby and Tilly

Petite Furby looks like a toy, but she’s a sweet, shy, three year old calico Persian.
Her dear companion is ten year old Tilly.
These two are available at PAWS, but only as a pair!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens


Meet Peanut, a lovely eight year old calico. She hasn’t been at PAWS very long and is still getting used to shelter life.
It must be calico week; my friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life have featured pretty Patches. CLICK HERE to see her.

Seven Kittens
This is Happy on the left, and Grumpy on the right. Can you guess the names of the other five kittens in the litter?

Shelter Cats

Calico Callie

Her tilted right ear gives her a jaunty devil-may-care look. But Callie is a sweet shy girl at heart. She’s ten years young and has a lot of love to give!

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