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Shelter Cats

What, You Again?


That’s what I imagine Marshall was thinking as I took his picture.
This isn’t his first stay at PAWS. Marshall and his brother Hubbell were adopted several years ago, but came back to the shelter when their person died.
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Shelter Cats

Shy Cats


Sometimes progress comes in tiny steps. Take Rudy, (please take Rudy!) he was a cat who preferred to be invisible. Hiding in corners, behind furniture, down low inside cat trees – anywhere, anyway, that he could avoid contact.

Looking at Rudy’s photograph, you wouldn’t think that this shows a giant breakthrough. But, he’s out in the open these days and allowing us to gently pet his head. Rudy is ready to go home, as soon as the right patient person comes for him.
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Shelter Cats

Sunny Sunday


The snow had stopped falling and it was time for staff and volunteers to slip slide up the driveway into PAWS. Mimi was waiting, basking in the warm sun.
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