Family Mythology


Ceto, the tuxie girl kitten on the left, and Pontus, in white with black, are actually a sea god and goddess. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They are extremely well socialized and nicely behaved kittens, as is their brother Nereus below.

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Kitten Shower!


Question: What’s wrong with this picture?
Answer: Kittens, like Oliver and Twist above, growing up in cages.

There are so many beautiful and talented, brave and loving kittens at PAWS. If you are in Connecticut, please come to PAWS and open your heart!

During PAWS’ exciting Kitten Shower event you won’t have to open your wallet quite so far.


If you are far away, check with your local shelter. At this time of the year most animal rescue organizations are overflowing with homeless babies and adult cats.

Kittens, Kittens, Everywhere


Very cute black and white kittens.


A tabby pair.


All ready and waiting at PAWS.

And a Foster kitten in our spare bedroom!


We have a three month old guest. This Sweetie Pie (temporary name) was trapped and neutered in a TNR operation. But, there’s hope that she will learn to enjoy the indoor life and won’t be returned to a managed feral colony.
CLICK HERE to see a very short film clip and let me know if you think she looks friendly.

Dude and Gypsy





As you can imagine, these kittens will most likely have a very short stay at PAWS. Dude, the orange tabby boy, and sister Gypsy are about 11 weeks old and as sweet as they look.

Mercedes has finally gone home!



The big news at PAWS, cause for tears and celebration, is that Mercedes has gotten adopted. She came to the shelter with her kittens and spent 6 years waiting for her happily ever after.