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Kittens, Kittens, Everywhere


Very cute black and white kittens.


A tabby pair.


All ready and waiting at PAWS.

And a Foster kitten in our spare bedroom!


We have a three month old guest. This Sweetie Pie (temporary name) was trapped and neutered in a TNR operation. But, there’s hope that she will learn to enjoy the indoor life and won’t be returned to a managed feral colony.
CLICK HERE to see a very short film clip and let me know if you think she looks friendly.

Shelter Cats

Dude and Gypsy





As you can imagine, these kittens will most likely have a very short stay at PAWS. Dude, the orange tabby boy, and sister Gypsy are about 11 weeks old and as sweet as they look.

Mercedes has finally gone home!



The big news at PAWS, cause for tears and celebration, is that Mercedes has gotten adopted. She came to the shelter with her kittens and spent 6 years waiting for her happily ever after.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

You’re Invited!

PAWS has the most charming kittens waiting for homes. We have orange, calico, and black. There are tabby kittens in gray, brown, and orange.

Playful kittens, sleepy kittens, purring kittens; take two, they’re small!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Dogs

The Awwww… Moments at PAWS

This puppy had just come back from a long walk and was happy to cuddle in her blankets.

Meanwhile, I was cleaning the kitten room and making new friends.
But just when you think you’re all done cleaning…
eLitterBoxKitit’s time to start again!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Little Indians

The very creative staff at PAWS has a good time thinking up themed names for litters of kittens.
Pocahontas and Dakota have already been adopted.
These three boys, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Geronimo, are still available!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Rocky and Nubbins

What to do when you’re stuck alone in a cage waiting for your life to begin?
Rocky and Nubbins find plenty to occupy themselves until their forever families arrive to take them home.

You can see them in action on youtube CLICK HERE!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens


This is Rocky. He’s a wonderful 10 week old kitten and he’s already adopted!
You can see from the photograph how outgoing and curious he is.
The formative years in children extend from birth to eight years old.

With kittens, the all important formative period for socialization is measured in weeks! At PAWS, the fostering program ensures that the adoptable kittens have the very best start. Rather than confining the furry little babies in cages at the shelter, they stay in volunteer’s homes receiving lots of love and attention.

When they’re old enough for adoption, they’re brought back to PAWS.

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