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Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

You’re Invited!

PAWS has the most charming kittens waiting for homes. We have orange, calico, and black. There are tabby kittens in gray, brown, and orange.

Playful kittens, sleepy kittens, purring kittens; take two, they’re small!

Shelter Cats

Milo and Simba

Can any cat resist a bag? Not Milo!
Or his brother Simba…
Milo and Simba are healthy, active boys. They are a year and a half old and ready for adoption from PAWS.
Here’s the “come hither” look from Milo.

From June 21-30 all cats at PAWS, nine months or older, are available for the ridiculously low adoption fee of $9!!! All of the cats are spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, tested for FIV/FeLV, and microchipped. Plus, every cat comes with a goody bag of food and toys. Of course PAWS will still make sure the cats go to good caring and safe homes.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Rocky and Nubbins

What to do when you’re stuck alone in a cage waiting for your life to begin?
Rocky and Nubbins find plenty to occupy themselves until their forever families arrive to take them home.

You can see them in action on youtube CLICK HERE!

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens


This is Rocky. He’s a wonderful 10 week old kitten and he’s already adopted!
You can see from the photograph how outgoing and curious he is.
The formative years in children extend from birth to eight years old.

With kittens, the all important formative period for socialization is measured in weeks! At PAWS, the fostering program ensures that the adoptable kittens have the very best start. Rather than confining the furry little babies in cages at the shelter, they stay in volunteer’s homes receiving lots of love and attention.

When they’re old enough for adoption, they’re brought back to PAWS.

Shelter Cats

Cat Room #1

In this room at PAWS, there is a large cage where many cats have found temporary shelter while waiting for their new forever homes.
All of the cats below are graduates within the last year.
Hippity and Hoppity recently moved in after Scoots and Louie went home. These two sweet and shy black and white cats have been in the shelter for two years now. I’m hoping the luck of this cage will continue, and they will be adopted soon.
This is 5 year old Hippity.
When I cleaned their cage Hoppity was feeling worried about the disruption and joined Hippity for comfort. They are very devoted to each other.

Shelter Cats

Magnificent Moe

Big Moe enjoys other cats, brushing sessions, the company of people, and life in general. He’s a well adjusted 6 year old guy.
All right Moe, that’s enough photography. Nap time!
Moe is waiting for a new home at PAWS.

Shelter Cats


There’s a new cat living in the Meeting Room at PAWS.
I stopped brushing her so that I could take her picture. Obviously, she wanted me to continue.
Good News! Marigold has been adopted. I hope she’s getting all the love and brushing sessions that she deserves.

If you’re in the area please join us!

Shelter Cats

Milo, One More Time

When Milo came to PAWS, he was unkempt, battle scarred and fierce. It was months before he realized that he’d hit the jackpot. First we had to continually remind him that humans could be trusted. It was a long process and emails went out among the staff and volunteers celebrating every mark of progress.

And boy, did he make progress! He became the calmest, sweetest lap cat who never willingly ended a brushing session. All the other cats in his room wanted to be near him.

And this week, two years later, it finally happened… the moment we’ve all dreamed of. Milo has left us for a real home of his own.

Click HERE for an earlier visit with Milo.

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