A Day at the Park

It was a gorgeous day for Bark in the Park. There was music, and food, and lots of vendors, and dogs everywhere!
Many people who adopted dogs at PAWS brought them to the event for happy reunions with the shelter staff and volunteers.
Our new cat booth had lots of visitors.

Whew! I could have used a nap too.

Thank you to everyone who helped with my fundraising efforts!

A Surprise!

The handsome Harry Spotter, lovely Fiona and their family gave the Shelter-Cats an award. First, thank you Harry and Fiona! Let me see… 9 things about the shelter… well you already know that it’s full of the most beautiful cats and kittens. There are also DOGS! The shelter is in Norwalk, CT and is a no-kill facility which means that we never give up hope.
For more about PAWS please visit here.
I’m also supposed to list 9 blogs. How can I choose? My favorites can all be found at the catblogosphere.