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A Surprise!

The handsome Harry Spotter, lovely Fiona and their family gave the Shelter-Cats an award. First, thank you Harry and Fiona! Let me see… 9 things about the shelter… well you already know that it’s full of the most beautiful cats and kittens. There are also DOGS! The shelter is in Norwalk, CT and is a no-kill facility which means that we never give up hope.
For more about PAWS please visit here.
I’m also supposed to list 9 blogs. How can I choose? My favorites can all be found at the catblogosphere.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Dogs

Oliver – Intrepid Dog Tester

While Oliver waits for a new family to adopt him at the Shelter, he has a very important job. He checks out the dogs and lets the shelter staff know if they can safely live with cats.
Oliver loves dogs.

He’s also got really cute paws.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Puppies


Cat volunteers bravely stepped in to take care of the puppies!

O.K. Yes, they are VERY cute!

But why can’t they use a litter box?

Shelter Dogs


Libby is not a cat (just wanted to see if you were paying attention).

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