For many years I have been spending my Sunday mornings volunteering
among the cats at PAWS.
Most of the photographs in this blog were taken there.

PAWS is a nonprofit no-kill shelter in Norwalk, CT, dedicated to rescuing homeless animals and placing them with loving new families.

Meanwhile, back at home, we live with our handsome formerly feral Mickey Mouser, and extremely friendly alpha cat, Rufus the Red.

Along came a little polydactyl youngster called “Count DeToes” at PAWS.
We took him home and renamed him Ernie.

And then there were three…

The boys make guest appearances on this site from time to time.


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5 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Hi Maggie, great site and fantastic work you are doing for all theses cats. I love the work you are doing, so have included this site on my list of top 5 Cat Sites on the net, you can check out the article on my site, which I have advised my readers to check out your site too.

  2. What wonderful Kitties you have!
    And what a lovely website & blog!
    Cheers to you, your kitties and
    all the beautiful kitties in the pictures that have taken!

  3. Love the new header!
    Very sweet and serene ~
    the way all the kitties must feel when you take the gorgeous photographs!

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