Around theShelter

Play is an important part of a volunteer’s duties. Tabby girl Honeydew and Beanbag are happy participants!

Some fresh catnip from the PAWS garden may have been involved…

Next, meet the exquisite Lady Tottington. She’s a two year old retired Mom, spayed and ready to grace her new home.

Moon is a sweet boy. We can’t imagine why his previous people abandoned such a friendly, handsome young cat. But Moon isn’t holding any grudges.

He’s an energetic playmate too.

Good news! Lovely little Fiesta left last week with a very happy couple.

10 thoughts on “Around theShelter”

  1. So sweet ~ each and every one, happy Fiesta on her way to a new home, hope that will be true for all the others! And just love how you capture the spirit and soul of them all with your photos.

  2. Hi Maggie! These are all such amazing kitties, and as others have said, you’ve really captured their sweet and gentle personalities! Did you see that since you posted, Moon got adopted, too? XO

  3. These are all such adorable kitties! We are purring hard that they may ALL find their forever homes in two shakes of a kitty’s tail.

  4. Of course we want to adopt them all (but our current 11 would probably object). Good luck finding homes little friends.

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