Wiggle Butt

You just can’t say Wiggle Butt without smiling…
And handsome young Wiggle Butt would be a happy addition to almost any home.

He’s a very active, playful one year old male. Wiggle Butt wants to be the center of attention, and who could blame him?
Wiggles is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and waiting for his forever home at PAWS!

Tabby Bailey and gorgeous George are entertaining visitors in the Lobby showroom.

Of the original four kittens in the Seinfeld gang, only George and cute little Elaine are still waiting.
Good news! Kramer and Jerry have found homes.

6 thoughts on “Wiggle Butt”

  1. We love them all, but there is definitely something about Wiggle Butt that makes us smile especially big. 🙂

    We hope he, George, Elaine, and Bailey all find their happily ever afters real soon. We bet your awesome post will help them do so, Maggie.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! XO

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