Meet handsome Mantis, who came to PAWS when he was left behind by his people.

He is young, healthy, and playful. Mantis is ready to be someone’s dear companion.

Meanwhile, down the hall, regal but slightly shy Ash is also waiting.
He’s two years old, calm and friendly, once you give him a little time. Ash gets along well with other cats.

And there are always kittens at PAWS.
Plenty to love at the shelter!

11 thoughts on “Mantis”

  1. Thank goodness for such a fabulous place as PAWS. Human beings can be so cruel, but at least they have a warm, safe loving place to be till they find their forever home with humans who have hearts. Wishing them all a quick adoption. They are all just beautiful!..Great pictures Maggie!

  2. Mantis is a trip! Your photos really capture his sweet and playful spirit. And we love that Ash is coming out of his shell; I love that this photo shows him sitting up … he’s going to be great and more confident once he’s in a forever home. Oh, and it was so nice seeing you and catching up today! XO

  3. What’s not to love about those beautiful faces and companions in the making? Here’s hoping their adoptions, and those of all the cats there, will leave PAWS empty for the festive season.

  4. I pray for Mantis that he finds his forever home very soon. From the pictures he doesn’t look too traumatized. Purrhaps he can get together with Ash to make it a two-fur. And the sweet kittens will certainly have no problem finding new digs.

    Sweet! All of them.

  5. There is a special place in hell for cat abandoners.

    I am so glad that Mantis’ is safe with PWAWS and finds a good home. I love his paws!

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