When it was time to make a new structure for the shelter cats at PAWS, we consulted with Rufus and made a model.
We needed something that would allow the cats to comfortably reach the windows between cat rooms; places for cats who like to be close to the ground, and those who like the heights.

After Rick finished construction and I completed the painting, Ernie tested it out in our basement.
Time to install it at PAWS! Would the cats like it?

Success! Max, Ollie, and Marshmallow moved right in.

Pretty Marshmallow is under two years old, very easy going and sweet to people and other cats.

From his new perch, Max can keep an eye on the cats in the adjoining room.

Max was brought to PAWS when a family member developed allergies. He’s two years old, friendly and outgoing.

Rick and I enjoyed working on this project. The goal of catification at the shelter is to make the cats’ stay less stressful and more comfortable while they wait for their new lives to begin.

9 thoughts on “Catification”

  1. Oh, I would LOVE to be there and to lie down right in the middle of them. And get catted!

  2. Lobby Room 3 is now the cat’s meow! Or maybe it’s now the room that all the cats are meowing (and purring) about! Thank you, Maggie and Rick, for your amazing work on catifying PAWS. We and all the cats love it — and you! 🙂

  3. Absolutely beautiful you guys!! WOW..!….I see you had the world’s best consultant and tester for the job….Rufus and Ernie!
    What angels you two are for these kitties and PAWS….
    Hoping these sweethearts who are now enjoying that beautiful catification structure get adopted soon….

    Well done you guys!!..we need a thousand more Rick and Maggie’s at shelters all over the world!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at PAWS.

  4. OhMyKittyCat ~ am simply blown away. Extraordinary construction, happy colorfully painted … paws up to both of you on this wonderful area for your kitty cats, who obviously are loving it. Well done!

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