11 thoughts on “Lady Whistledown”

  1. Beautiful sweet Lady Whistledown is so much better off
    with the loving care she will receive at PAWS!
    Thank you PAWS!

  2. I totally agree with you guys…She is much much better off than living with someone who could treat her like that. If I didn’t live in Colorado, I’d adopt her. She is just a beauty, inside and out…I know PAWS will find her a fantastic forever home…she’s stolen my heart! Maggie, great pics of a beautiful, beautiful sweetheart!

  3. We have no idea what Lady Whistledown’s life was like before, but her sweet and trusting nature, and amazing personality makes us imagine she was loved. We are sad she was just abandoned as she was, but we are so grateful she is safe at PAWS until she finds her real forever home. We be with the help of your amazing photos, it won’t take long. XO

  4. People can be so cruel. She is beautiful. I am sure she will have a lot of people wanting to give her a forever home. XO

  5. SERIOUSLY!?!? I MEAN SEEERRIIIOUUUSSLY WTF. What a wicked thing to do!

    All I can say is you will not be at the rescue long. I just know you won’t be there long at all.

  6. That is unthinkable. BUT at least as another commenter said, she was not just turned out into the street. I wonder if her Mom passed and the person who did that didn’t really know what else to do.

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